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The Naval Collection

The Gallerion Austro-Hungarian Navy museum

In the old town of Novigrad, the rich historical and cultural heritage is supplemented by the attractive and diverse collection of Gallerion, the naval collection of the historical Austro-Hungarian Royal Navy.

You can use the walk through the city to get in touch with the culture of living of that historical period and learn about the living evidence of the past times. The naval collection will show you the secrets and plans of the navy on historical activity at the wider area of the Adriatic, just like a real time machine.

It will show you the ships, the whole fleet and the outlook of the coastal towns with photographs, numerous maps and blueprints, as well as the uniforms of officers, sailors and captains that came to the ports of Istria from the whole world, in addition to instruments and weapons that ensured safe sailing in those times.

A monument to seafaring and sailors

The naval collection is nowadays a memorial to the seamanship and the sailors, and it represents the life throughout Croatia and the whole Adriatic coast under the Austro-Hungarian navy, which under the Habsburg Monarchy ruled the whole Adriatic with its fleet up to the end of the World War I.

Galerija Gallerion
Mlinska 1, Novigrad (Cittanova)
Tel: +385 98 254 279, +385 52 720 866
E-mail: [email protected]

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