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Novigrad walls

Bell tower – original Novigrad souvenir

Are you looking for an original souvenir, a symbol of your stay in Novigrad, that is both high-quality and made to high ecological standards? Novigrad artist Stelio Pauletić has just such an idea in mind – he chose the town’s bell-tower as a motif and interpreted it with a hint of humour and liveliness characteristic of this gem of the Istrian coast.

An authentic Novigrad souvenir

Why the bell-tower? The bell-tower dominates the vista of the town and is one of the most recognizable elements of local heritage. Once all festivities, ceremonies and gatherings were held around it, on the main square, as documented on a number of old photos. The bell-tower was constructed in 1883, modelled after the St. Mark’s campanile in Venice, with the statue of St. Pelagij, the patron saint of Novigrad, on top. It was renovated in 2004-2005, together with parts of town walls.

Pauletić’s depiction of the bell-tower is typical of the caricaturist and represents a move away from mere realistic rendition. His solution is both recognizable and humorous, conveying the elegance and playful optimism in an anticipation of the positive atmosphere welcoming travellers in this town.

Souvenir made of natural materials

The author’s concept is the crafting of the bell-tower souvenir from natural materials like wood, clay and ceramics, conveying the message that we need to be ecologically conscious even on holiday, when exploring new communities. We trust you will recognize its value and take it with you as a permanent memento of your holiday in Novigrad, a town of unique Mediterranean identity!


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